Touch of Angel not only stands for the highest quality wellness services. Revive Zone, above all, is about exceptional people, who in addition to their passion and commitment, create a unique climate and make our company successful


A highly therapeutic massage recommended to relieve pain and unknot muscle tension. During deep-tissue, the therapist will apply pressure to access deeper layers of muscle to improve fascia alignment, ease chronic pain, and create more efficient movement patterns.


Prevent wrinkles and stop the skin from sagging. Facial massage will address tension headaches and facial pains. Stimulation of facial muscles will help the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue, leaving it nourished and glowing. Special facial care supplements are used for the feeling of bliss and nutrition.


Two therapists deliver the treatment simultaneously or one back to back. All types of massage can be performed as a couples massage.


This high-performance treatment tackles cellulite, stubborn unwanted curves and eliminates stored fat. Corrective concentrates with active ingredients are applied to target zones to help detoxify the skin, improve firmness and reduce cellulite. Only 90 minutes and 120 minutes options are available with this massage.


A customized massage designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. Using a combination of deep tissue massage and assisted stretching – reduce the number of sports injuries and increase joint flexibility.

Our Therapists

Touch of Angel does not only stand for the highest quality wellness services. Revive, above all, is about exceptional people who, in addition to their passion and commitment, create a unique climate and make the company successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Asked Questions

Touch of Angel  delivers on-demand wellness services. We provide massage therapy delivered to your home, hotel or office. Our vetted and licensed massage therapists are ready to make you Feel Great Again!

At your appointment time, a therapist will show up at the given location with a massage table, clean sheets, oils, and lotion. If you wish, soft music can be requested to help you relax and revive.

Currently, we offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Facial Massage, and Body Wrap Massage. All of that five options are available as a couples massage.

There are two ways to experience a couples massage. Either having two therapists providing a massage at the same time. Or one therapist providing both massages back to back.

To provide the service at your given time and date, we will send you the best therapist who can reach you by the desired time.

You can prioritize a therapist by inserting their name into the provided space while booking. Meaning, that you’d like to have them give you a fantastic massage once again. Please remember that we do not guarantee that the therapist will be available.

Only three conditions are preventing you from receiving a massage: fever, cold/flu and contagious skin infections.

There are many more health concerns where a therapist will use particular caution and adjust the massage to avoid discomfort and adverse effects (open wounds, arthritis, local contagious conditions).

Some conditions may need approval from your physician before receiving your massage (cancer and certain heart conditions). However, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive a massage!

Feel free to undress to your level of comfort. Most people undress to their underwear and some are completely nude. Our therapists are always professional and trained to drape your body to protect your modesty.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel or reschedule the appointment up to 4 hours before the appointment time with no penalty
  • If you cancel 2-4 hours prior to the appointment, there is a $25 fee*
  • If you cancel 1-2 hours prior to the appointment, there is a $50 fee*
  • If you cancel with less than an hour prior to the appointment, we charge the full amount of the service*
  • If you reschedule 1-4 hours prior to the appointment, there is a $25 fee*
  • If you reschedule an hour prior to the appointment, there is a $50 fee*

*If no therapist is assigned, it’s free of charge.

People always prefer to use their personal bedsheets. However, a Touch of Angel therapist will always come prepared with clean bedsheets if needed.

Our Terms and Conditions prohibit booking a massage directly with the therapist.

Please, NO passing of business cards or contact information for direct bookings is acceptable.

Touch of Angel wellness services are available 25 miles away from St. Louis City. Please contact us and find out if we can reach your place. We will do our best to meet your needs.

If you feel any discomforts, please inform your therapist what he/she needs to change.

Your therapist will be pleased to hear any directions from you. You won’t hurt the therapist’s feelings; they are there to make you FEEL GREAT AGAIN!

Each session is individually crafted to your needs. Before each massage, the therapist will conduct a short interview to understand what are your therapy goals.